Selling metal artwork on Etsy using Lasergist – How to monetise your ideas.

From the very first days of Lasergist it was apparent that artists loved the service. Even though at first we were anxious that only highly skilled CAD designers would use it, we quickly found out that so many different people, practising so many diverse forms of art use Lasergist daily. This week we are featuring Faten Baassiri, an artist selling her artwork on Etsy.

Faten is a Lasergist user since day one, back in December 2015. Whenever we receive an order from Faten our engineers literally freak out but once it is finished we all look at the complex shapes admiring the forms that metal can turn into. This time it ended up being a wall clock. Yes, a clock. A fantastically intricate clock that you simply cannot stop starring at.

Faten sells this clock, along with other art pieces on her Etsy shop which we really recommend that you visit.

Notice the extremely fine details of this Stainless Steel wall clock. Proudly made by Lasergist.

Now if you think about it, this is a very interesting business model. We always say that Lasergist is like having your own personal laser cutter and that it’s easy to use as your desktop printer. Being that easy to use (you can design in your favourite programs) and fast enough to avoid the need to keep stock (free worldwide shipping in as little as 2-5 days), Lasergist allows you to start your Etsy shop with literally zero initial capital.

Etsy is the go-to place for custom artwork, wedding signage, alternative & vintage forms of art, household items, charming jewelry, even street signs – it’s basically the most creative marketplace on the internet right now with a strong inclination over customisation.

Now just think of the possibilities if you could turn your ideas into laser-cut Stainless Steel parts and sell them on Etsy. Lasergist pricing definitely allows a great margin for profit too, the quality of our work is phenomenal and with so many customisation options you can do wonders.

Lasergist could also give a great boost in sales for existing Etsy shops too. Let’s say you are doing custom wood signs or printed wall art, or greeting cards – interestingly enough we recently had an exciting inquiry from Hallmark Cards. You can very easily add Stainless Steel signs, or three-dimensional wall art or little charms on your greeting cards. There you have it, three niches you can jump straight into right now and increase your sales using nothing but your creativity.

You can check pricing on our Product Configurator page and as always, we are here in case you need anything!