Laser-cut Custom Keyboards

While most computer users are fine using their Microsoft or Logitech keyboard, there are some of us who spend the greatest part of the day typing. And typing. And typing. Or gaming. Or simply loving the idea of making a custom keyboard just for the fun of it.

Even though the term “Custom 60% keyboard plate” or “MX-style switches” might mean nothing to the majority of people, there is a great community of people dedicated in building the perfect keyboard. Either as a hobby or by pure necessity, these people strive to find the right components, the greatest layout, the slickest looking parts, the right amount of keys (does double tab key ring any bells?), the ideal key-travel for effortless but satisfying typing, even the right sound.

Laser cut keyboard plate by Lasergist
A custom keyboard plate has to be durable, precise, ultra-slick and affordable. This is exactly what we do.

Here at Lasergist, we are very proud to see so many custom keyboard makers using our service to create their keyboard plates. It has inevitably become a huge portion of our business and we kind of became obsessed with custom keyboards ourselves.

There is no better way to describe what Lasergist is to custom keyboard makers than citing Chris’s comment on Imgur:

Plate just after it arrived in the mail. Lasergist did an excellent job on it. They were very helpful through the design process in making sure I’d be happy with the results. Once I finalized the design, turnaround was very fast and they got my plate out within a day or two. Their prices were amazing, and the quality is very high. For 1.5mm brushed stainless (the perfect thickness for MX-style switches), my plate was only $43.81, including custom laser engraving and free shipping. That’s well under half of what other online laser cutting services wanted for aluminum.Says Chris M. on his post on Imgur.

or another comment from Reddit user PossessedGamer:

Damn this thing is solid, more solid than any other plates I’ve had and has zero signs of damage also unlike other plates I’ve had, I have no problem recommending Lasergist to people who want custom steel plates and they’re much cheaper than other services like BigBlueSaw and offer free worldwide shipping I mean does it get any better?
PossessedGamer on /r/MechanicalKeyboards/

Stainless Steel is most probably the greatest type of material to use on your custom keyboard plate. It’s extremely durable, it’s beautiful, it feels nice and the accuracy of Lasergist’s lasers makes sure that what you design is in essence exactly what you will get. Plus, the engraving always looks stunning!

So if you want to laser-cut your custom keyboard plate just head over to our product configurator or contact us. And don’t forget that if you need larger dimensions it is doable – just ask.

Finally, here is an indispensable tool to design your custom keyboard – no affiliation whatsoever: