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Micro Drone Chassis
2″ x 2″ | $19

Lasergist is a blend of premium materials and super-precise machines coordinated by a unique team; a series of innovations in production level that made the once impossible, possible.

Lasergist allows you to get a perfect, high quality piece of art (or engineering) that you designed using familiar tools – in single quantities. And we managed to do this so affordable, that it makes sense.

In essence, lasergist is a tool. A tool that opens up a whole new world for designers, engineers, artists and hobbyists.

The Stainless Steel we use

Quality matters the most to us and for this reason we source Stainless Steel only from the best suppliers in the world. Depending on the grade and finishing, the stainless steel we use comes from Germany or Sweden.

You can select between two grades in two finishes:

Shiny AISI 304 (1.4301)

AISI 304 is ideal for the majority of applications. Bright, shiny and quite interesting.

Brushed AISI 316 (1.4404)

AISI 316 is perfect for harsher environments like sea-water. With a smooth, brushed finishing it rocks.


You can also select between 4 thicknesses of Stainless Steel.

Make it even better


Or Glass Bead blasting to be precise. Your item gets a luxurious finishing – similar to the popular effect you see on Apple devices. Myriads of tiny glass particles blasted at high pressure smoothen out the edges and create a fantastic look.

Back-side Brushing

Typically laser-cut parts have one good side. The top one. By selecting the Back-side Brushing add-on, your piece gets brushed on the back side right after it gets cut.

Laser Engraving

Sometimes, you need this extra touch either for branding, alignment or simply the looks. Laser engraving your logo can make the difference when pitching your prototype to those grumpy investors.

The Process

  1. Once you upload your design, the Lasergist team will quickly inspect it to make sure that it meets the requirements to be passed to the lasers. If there is any issue we’ll let you know instantly.

    Read the Design Guidelines for useful tips.

  2. Your design then passes to the Lasers where all the magic happens. The material you selected is pulled from the stack, placed on the honey-comb flat bed, the cover is shut and seconds later … voila! Your design has taken shape, it is now a proper item.

  3. If you have selected back-side polishing or laser engraving, it’s then passed to the respective departments for the finishing touches.

  4. Minutes later, your design is packed in our protective packaging, labelled with your address and starts its way to you.

Fast. Laser-fast.

Our turnaround time is 1-5 business days from the time you place your order. Usually, most items are processed within the next day of your order.

Free Shipping Worldwide

Yeap. Free shipping anywhere in the world you are. With our standard, free shipping it usually takes 2-7 days for your order to show up on your doorstep.

Did you Know?

Every year our lasers travel about 2 million kilometers. To put it in context, this is about 5 times the distance of earth from the moon. Of course, they don’t go anywhere, but they move over the flatbed, turning raw stainless steel into products.

Laser Machine
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