Your custom design
in pure, laser-cut Stainless Steel.

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Make your Own

How it Works


Design your item in your favorite program like Illustrator, AutoCAD or Sketch.


Upload your file, choose your options and see how much it costs.


You place your order, our lasers ignite and your design takes form.

Use the tools you already know – it’s super easy.

Laser cut stainless steel using the tools you already know

The process is as simple as it can be. You can use AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator or any other vector-based program and upload your file in PDF, AI or DWG format.

Design Guidelines

Mass production quality at singular units.

You can order just one piece – really. At Lasergist, your design becomes a premium quality piece of art (or engineering) for as little as $12.
Oh, and this includes free worldwide shipping.

Make your own

Pure Stainless Steel + Laser Precision

We use only the finest Stainless Steel from Germany & Sweden. And our lasers have stunning precision – just 0.01mm.

Options to match your needs. Or Style.

You can select between various thicknesses, shinny or brushed finishing and you can add some wonderful laser engraving!

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Get Inspired.

Have a look at others’ designs and get an idea of pricing.

Lasergist is ideal for Kickstarters

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